What is Dye Lot Variation?
What is Dye Lot Variation???

In simple terms, when a designer receives multiple dresses of the same color on the same order, they use the same bolt of fabric to cut out all the dresses on the order. This is done to ensure there are no slight variations in colors(dyes) that can be picked up with todays sophisticated cameras and video equipment. The designer will ensure there will be no color variations only if all dresses are ordered together. When all the dresses are ordered on one order on our website, they are placed as one order with the designer so there is no worry about dye lot (color) variations, however, for a bridal party that has members that live in different locations, or each girl will pay for her own dress by placing her order individually, we have developed a solution to ensure all the girls orders in the bridal party are placed as one order with the designer, yet we still are able to send the individual dresses to each girl, thereby eliminating any dye lot variations.