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How to Register a Bridal Party?

Unlike other Web Sites that let their customers self register a bridal party, and require the customers to manage and keep track of who has ordered and who has not, we have developed a proven system that truly blends the ease of on-line ordering yet still ensures all the dresses are produced from the same dye lot. Our system automatically tracks who has ordered and who has not, and periodic updates are given on our track a bridal party tab located on our homepage and at the top of each page. Please note, if you are ordering all dresses under one order, you do NOT need to fill this form out. All dresses will be ordered together and be of the same dye lot. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Here is how our system works:

First - Determine who will be the contact person for the bridal party. In most case, we see either the Bride or Maid of Honor assumes this duty.

Second - Gather the needed information of the bridal party including name and email address of each member of the Bridal Party.

Third - Fill out the request to register a Bridal Party Form with all the members of the bridal party. Please note, if each member of the bridal party is getting the same style and color, it only needs to be entered once, we understand it is for the entire party. When the Bridal Party information is complete, hit the submit button. (You can also print out if you like for a handy record of the bridal party).

The toughest part is over for our customers, from here, the rest is in our hands.

Within 24 to 48 hours, the contact person and the bridal party members will receive an email back from us confirming the Bridal Party members, the dress style(s) and color. We also provide the 5% discount code that will be used at time of checkout to receive the 5% discount. In this same email we also will confirm our system has been updated with the bridal party members and the Bridal Party members are free to start ordering. (see below for actual Email example)

The Bridal Party members order, just like they were ordering a single dress.

Since we have their name captured in our system, their order gets assigned to the correct bridal party instead of being placed as a single dress order with the designer. Once the entire Bridal Party has ordered, we place ONE order with the designer for the entire Bridal Party to ensure all the dresses are cut from the same dye lot.

We do provide periodic updates, typically two or three times per week, on our "track a bridal party" tab. Simply click this tab, and a spreadsheet will appear. This spreadsheet is alphabetized by the person who registered the bridal party. On here, we show the total number of bridal party members, and the first name and last initial of who still needs to order. We also provide the style number(s) and color that was ordered, as well as a comment section that we use from time to time. Pay particular attention to the first line, as it details the day this last update was given. Also to note, if anyone is concerned about their last name being displayed on a spreadsheet, please let us know when you register, we will assign a numeric number to your party instead of using a name, so no one will know, but the bridal party can still be tracked.

We also provide a email once the Bridal Party is complete detailing the sizes each girl is ordering so the contact person can review it for reasonableness, and do one last check to make sure styles and color are correct. Please note, we do not wait for a positive response to this email prior to placing the order. There is a 48 hour grace period where changes can be made, so contact us immediately if anything has changed.

Lastly, when the dresses come in, the contact person is carbon copied on all the emails sent to each girl with their USPS tracking number, so they can follow along as well.

Right now we know you are probably thinking this sounds too good to be true, but without getting too technical, let us explain what happens in the background, and yes, we have successfully handled hundreds of Bridal Party's this way online, and this is actually becoming the most popular way our customers are ordering.

If you have bridesmaids scattered across the country, or even across town, this is a great way that each Bridesmaid can pay for her own dress, (at a great price we may add), and one contact person can ensure the bridal party gets ordered and when the dresses will arrive and we can electronically keep the other members of the Bridal Party informed as to status of orders.

Again, without getting too technical and the fact we do not want to give our secrets away to the competition, but we do want you to feel comfortable this system actually works, so here is how it works....Every night, before we place our orders that we received in the previous 24 hours, we run a proprietary program that gives us insight into the background of the order and if it matches anything that exists on what we have registered as Bridal Parties. If one thinks about it, we already have first name, last name, Email address, dress style, and dress color from the registration form. That is five pieces of information we can check against an order that we receive. If you think about how spell check works, the technology exists to be able to make these comparisons quite simply and accurately. When we see we have a certain number of "hits" on this data, we flag the order as a potential Bridal Party candidate and which potential Bridal Party the order may belong to. We then manually verify the order to ensure it belongs to the bridal party. One of the unexpected benefits we have seen with us using this technology this way is we are very quickly able to identify when a Bridal Party member orders the wrong style or color. One would be shocked how often that happens, and we are quite sure this has saved a few anxious moments when the wrong color dress or style would have shown up without us being able to correct the color or style before the order is placed and having the registration form and contact person to use for verification.

As mentioned, this is becoming an extremely popular way for our customers to order as it offers the convenience of having all the different Bridal Party members order and pay themselves, and anyone will be able to keep up to date on the Bridal Party Order and still get the same dye lot for all the dresses, whether the girls all live close, or halfway around the world, our site is always open for them to order. We know a wedding is filled with many things to keep track of. Let us help you take one less thing off your mind by ordering your bridal party dresses with us.

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Detailed below are some examples of the various emails that were discussed above.

Sample of confirmation of Bridal Party being confirmed, the entire bridal party gets this email.

Thank you for registering your bridal party with BetterBridalOnline. We have received your bridal party dye lot form, and have updated our system to hold all the girls orders until the entire bridal party has ordered, then place one order with Bill Levkoff, thus ensuring same dye
lot for all the dresses.
As way of confirmation, we have the following information in our system about your bridal party.
XXXXX is main contact
Wedding is 02/27/2017
There are 6 bridesmaids
All dresses will be ordered in style 473 in color Navy.
Bridesmaids are:

Melissa XXXXX
Sharon XXXXX
Bradford XXXXX

The Coupon code to be used is XXXXXXXX. It should be used at checkout, and the 5% discount will be instantly applied. Also, please verify all girls got this email, we want to make sure no emails went into someones spam folder.
If any of the above information is incorrect, please notify us immediately so we can correct in our system.

The bridal party members are free to start ordering. They do not need to do anything special, just order like they were ordering one dress, our system will capture their information they provide when they place the order and match it with the information provided on the dye lot form.

If anyone has any questions or problems, please contact us via Email.
Once all the members are in, we will notify you via Email of the entire order prior to final confirmation with Bill Levkoff in case anything needs changed at the last minute. At that time, we will also provide an estimated arrival date for the gowns.
In addition, once the dresses arrive and are being shipped to the girls, we will carbon copy you on the email we send them with their USPS tracking number so you can follow the shipments as well.

Bill Levkoff is currently shipping week of January 12th for orders placed today, so the girls should get orders placed preferably within next 2 weeks or s
o allowing the gowns to arrive in mid to late January , which will give time for any needed alterations.
Also, just some final advice for the bridal party members. We know everyone is trying to save every dollar they can, but getting the correct measurements is not a place to try and save some money. The bridal business sizes are smaller than normal street size, so it is important that if anyone feels uncomfortable or is unsure how to measure themselves, go to a qualified Seamstress, Dry Cleaners, or find a bridal shop that will take their measurements. (we suggest an independent seamstress) The small money spent to get correct size will pay dividends when the correct size arrives, plus working with a seamstress will give someone to have their alterations done with. DO NOT TRY ON A SAMPLE GOWN IN A SHOP AND USE THAT SIZE TO ORDER WITH. SAMPLE DRESSES IN A BRIDAL SALON CAN BE STRETCHED OUT. These sample dresses can be used as a guide, but never for actual sizes. We offer some tips on ordering on our website. Please review them. If anyone is still unsure about their measurements, please call us or Email us. We will do the best we can to help. Lastly, we ship everything UPS, and if anyone feels their dress delivery will be unsecure being left on a front porch, we suggest they ship USPS signature required as getting a replacement dress will be tricky depending on when order is placed.
Sorry for such a long Email, but we do want to convey some of our experience on to our customers and help them avoid some of the common problems we see.
Thanks again for ordering thru us, and we look forward to working with you in the future. Should you have any further questions, please let us know.

Sample Email of periodic update Email.

Hi Demoya
Everyone has ordered except Shermeeka and Ywana. Once they order, your bridal party will be complete
Sample Email detailing Bridal Party sizes.
Jamie ordered today so your bridal party is complete
Here is recap of bridal party:
All girls ordered style 2885 in color Black
Tamara ordered size 10
Cherish ordered size 18
Brittni ordered size 4
Lindsey ordered size 4
Melanie ordered size 16
Jamie ordered size 4
If anyone wants to make any last minute changes to sizing, now is the time to do so. We will place order with Dessy tomorrow and we will have 48 hours to make any changes. If anything needs changed, please notify us within this timeframe.
If you have any questions, let us know
Sample Email detailing confirmation of order.
Hi xxxxx
Your bridal party order has been placed and confirmed by Bill Levkoff. Order is expected to ship to girls the week of January 12th. We will send you an Email when the dresses ship to the girls, and you will also be carbon copied on each email we send the girls with their USPS tracking number.
In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

Sample Email when dresses ship.

Hi Carla

All the girls dresses came in yesterday and were shipped out today. You should have received emails from USPS with all the girls tracking numbers.

The girls should receive them on Tuesday or Wednesday next week, so have them keep an eye out for them.

If anyone has any questions, let us know.

Also, we want to take this time to thank you again for your business and we want to wish you a wonderful wedding day.